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Apparently the grass and weeds next to the street are too long. Apparently the side yard’s grass needs to be cut. And apparently someone is complaining that our front porch is too messy (we don’t get too many visitors, tho.)
I’m going to have to let my dad know about this (since he owns the place.) My guess is that the city is trying to shake us down for money, but this is our property, not the city’s! They have no business trying to dictate what goes on on our property!
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I’m probably going to be called faggot by you all, but today there was this odd girl that approached me while I was drawing and minding my own business and she started twerking on me and trying to sexually harass me, forcing my head into her boobs and doing provocative movements related to sex. She does this most of the time, and I’m extremely uncomfortable of it. Oh, but everybody laughs when she does that to me because I’m a male, and they joke and actively insult me, but I betcha everyone would call me a creep if I did it to her. Equality much?
Please, respect my boundaries. I don’t want anything with you, I just want to study and win money to get out of this crapsack country, thanks, but I don’t seek sex, I’m asexual even.
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Who is the greater fool, the fool who says something insane or the fool who tries to debate him as if his insanity is a reasonable position? I think the latter.
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Fucking work was so demanding today. Kyle, do this, Kyle, do that in rapid succession. I get that it’s Memorial Day weekend and the store is busy but give me some damn leniency. Felt like I was about to suffer a stroke out there.
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