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Vent thread

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My friend is really sick and I hope that he recovers, he’s been having extremely low energy alongside trying to take care of his parents who are also sick.
Oh shit, that’s not good. Here’s hoping he didn’t sustain any life threatening injuries.
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I wish I could stop overthinking everything. I can’t even enjoy or be excited about things anymore without my brain making a turn for the worse, and often in doing so I accidentally offend people whom I genuinely do like.
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Very minor gripe, being as both are about youtube, I feel like the algorithm is running out of ability to show me ‘new’ things.
Also, i wish the downvote button on comments did anything.
Also, fuck you, some thing on the internet. Nobody ‘forgot’ about you, they just don’t care.
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@Background Pony #A2DA  
Because his career is in danger because he went to a church that is homophobic and people assume the worst of him. They even claimed that Pratt is homophobic because of the church that he’s going.
I mean, homophobic celebrities got their careers ruined because of cancel culture. People are too sensitive these days.
Background Pony #A2DA
@Hollowfox Jaeger  
No offense, but like Chris is going to be okay…the dudes rich. The man is probably waiting it out until things blow over , because not everthing last forever.If the church was openly homophobic and rude about it, then Chris should’ve done his research since he’s such a well known actor.
Background Pony #A2DA
On the topic of “Cancel Culture”, I have been thinking about J.K Rowling and her drama.I’ve been saying that if J.k Rowling would have just shut her mouth (like with anything she does) she wouldn’t have been such drama.
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