Vent thread

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My little sister never shuts up.
I’m no social butterfly but holy cannoli I don’t need complex conversation skills to tell that she needs to be put on mute.

I’m sorry you have to go through this.
You did mention it was sepsis some days ago btw, but you don’t owe the internet that information so don’t be sorry.
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My Fire tablet can’t turn on while charging.
It was frozen on the Amazon screen, i had to discharge the battery, now i can’t turn it on.
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No more
I can’t take it
I just want a hug
I just want somebody telling me “its alright”
I can’t deal with this shit
I just see a fucking bed bug and i started to shake and cry
Please no more
No more troubles
Please no
I’m scared and disgusted by those things
I have nowhere to sleep, only my bed, I’ll have to endure tonight
Please no more tears

My father’s death is really impacting me in ways I haven’t imagined, it’s our second death in the family
I sometimes just get vivid flashbacks or just stand in place and think of him or I feel so disconnected from the world 😭
It hurts
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Theo Bromine
I feel so disconnected from the world 😭
I feel for you bro, that’s how I felt when I lost my father, nothing mattered to me, I was in a dream state - disconnected from reality.
I wish you all the best.
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I hate that my mom still looks over my bank account and it makes me paranoid to even buy stuff. I know that I don’t have the best spending habits, but you don’t have to hover around me and look at how much money I have, I can check my own account myself thank you very much.
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Theo Bromine
That sucks; if you’re 18+ and you make your own money no one should be interfering with your finances.
There’s a reason bank statements are delivered in an envelope stating “Strictly private and confidential”
Anonymity brings out the worst in people, usually their “filter” takes a back seat and they’ll say whatever, and of course there are those who like to bait.
Still it’s a feature I’m glad we have.
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That’s some sick shit waking somebody up when they’re trying to sleep.
I didn’t even get a dream, this is a living hell!
Time to party like it’s the 90’s…..
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