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Vent thread

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Oh…so it’s in here too huh? Welp guess ill go somewhere else then, enjoy all of your throbbing hate boners yah dicks
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It should only be a womens decision, about her own body of coarse.
Nobody else is affected by a womens right to decide if she wants to bring life into this world.
If you want babies, get a girl that wants babies and do it deliberately. You can’t force a women to have a child if she doesn’t want one.
Fetus takes 18 weeks to feel pain, and longer than that to actually be conscious. Animals are actually conscious and we eat them, then we go to other countries with guns and give them all late abortions anyway.
Pro lifers should be doing something about guns, and quit creeping on womens genitals.
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Yeah, sure, half of the female population are just “Karens”. Well, I’ll do just fine without fucking women who’d kill my kid.
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@Background Pony #83A0
Then for you, date someone who wants kids as much as you. Shouldn’t affect you in any way if women have a choice to do whatever they want with their bodies, as if someone you are with feels the same way you do, there’d be no difference to your life whatsoever.
Also please point me to these pro-life women you are speaking of.
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I’m gonna get meta here: I don’t like coming to this vent thread very often because most of the things I have to vent about is incredibly petty and I feel like I’d be taking away from the people here who have serious issues to vent about. :(
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