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If reports are correct then this Badass fought seemingly terminal bladder cancer since his early twenties and lived to be 93:
The Father of Juicing was no pushover.
Praise be to Jay Kordich and may he be a beacon of hope and strength to all those who face the same grim situation.
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lol, I agree, I despite family vacation since I was young, and now in my state of life, that is gone, good riddance.
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Ouch. Was cutting some elm tree branches with a hand saw when my hand slipped and I ran a 1/2” thorn (all of it) into my upper thumb (top down below my fingernail). Had to pull it out with needle nose. Hopefully it didn’t go through the bone. Some pain and it hurts to put use, but will find out tomorrow at the doctor’s what the real damage is.
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>learns about some new twitter drama
>curiously, checks it out
>people bitching about artists drawing things they don’t like
Every time!
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>sees a random person on twitter upset about some kind of drama
>curiously checks their profile to see if there is a reason
>they link a fucking tiktok video as a reason
Well that alone confirms whatever they’re upset about as 100% worthless nothing that will be forgotten within a week.
Fucking tiktok, man, we’ve been over this, don’t blinding believe everyone on the internet, or in real life, or at all. Don’t even believe me.
Bruh, Twitter drama is why basically everyone hates Twitter I believe. Except for those who add the napalm to the drama.
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Why is that this place gets the most activity on the threads whenever I’m at work or off site doing something else? It’s so stupid.
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