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Vent thread

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fucking hell, our washing machine died mid cycle filled with water, and no amount of percussive maintenance is waking it back up this time. fuck…
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I don’t know it if it’s my new wifi router, but my internet keeps disconnecting periodically and I have to wait until it connects again, it’s annoying.
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I spent 4 motherf###ing hours running around town trying to get a Photo ID.
I got at the DMV around 7:45am, first in line and first inside. I found out both my social security and my birth certificate were copies, and therefore weren’t accepted.
So then I traveled to my mom’s, because we thought she had the originals. I get it, and I go back to the DMV. Turns out, the Social Securtiy was the right one, but my birth certificate was still wrong.
I finally just headed downtown and got a new version of it. So now, I have all the correct documents.
I head back to the DMV, and waited like an hour, only to find that the line was moving like molasses, and that their services would be slower than usual due to staff shortages.
So yeah, I’m in a pretty foul mood today.
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