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Vent thread

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People be like “I hate Twitter so much why does it even exist” and then they continue to use it anyway. The duality of humanity.
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Against my own personal misgivings I’m going to get Six Sigma certified.
I personally think it’s a fucking joke of a program, but jobs love it and I need something to learn for the eternal “continuing education” that resource jobs demand.
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I can NEVER get reception at my work, it fucking sucks that my phone keeps loading and loading and loading whenever I want to watch a video. My boss or at least management has to get better wifi or at least make the city build a 5G tower close to the building cause this is goddamn ridiculous.
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This just isn’t my day.
First I got cancelled on Twitter, I saw a traffic light post dropped on the floor and now I almost got caught when my friends call me on snapchat with personal classified family stuff.
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