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Vent thread

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@Count Adramélekh Sear  
Diabetes causes people to binge-eat. Eating large amounts of sugary food often could well trigger it even if you’re young.
You need to control yourself and get your blood-glucose checked. The good news is that type 2 diabetes (the kind that you get from overeating) can be reversible if you get your diet back in check. No big spikes in blood sugar is the rule!
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I really don’t get why there’s sometimes good and sometimes bad happening to all of us good people.
I really am trying to stay positive, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s weighing me down.
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@Count Adramélekh Sear  
Yeah, a cursory google does agree with the summary. Definitely get it checked.  
If you ARE diabetic, remember:
Fast carbs (e.g. refined sugars from fruit, sweets etc) are the worst  
Starches are much better, but they will contribute (yes, that includes potatoes and crackers - you can have a few, a bit of sugar is needed afterall, but seriously don’t overdo it)

The process of doing taxes is the greatest evil known to man.
One form.
One fucking form is preventing me from finally being done so now I have to wait until Monday to get the form I need to finally finish my taxes.
All those months of holding onto every damn thing I get in the mail so that doing taxes would hopefully be simplified didn’t fucking work…
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Saw a tweet by a georgetown professor that reads:  
“My favorite emails are ones from random people that start out with a few insult and then get around to the question they’d like an answer to.”
Zincy this happens a lot with you, bruv?
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Fast carbs (e.g. refined sugars from fruit, sweets etc) are the worst
Careful of the sugar content in fruit, if you’re diabetic. That can sneak in. Crackers are starchy as well, and they won’t give you the nutrients that you need. Things like meat, mushrooms, vegetables and others are good ideas - but it would be a good idea to discuss it with a dietitian. I may be good at medical science but I wouldn’t claim to know too much nutrition-wise, and I could be missing some vital nutrients somewhere (and ofc, leaning more towards vegetables etc rather than meat if you can help it can’t hurt, given saturated fats etc)
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Borz / The Wolf
Welp, I accidentally fucked up my sleep today.
Woke up with an unbearable amount of pain in my stomach after it was inadvertedly exposed to cold air of the air conditioner for maybe half a length of my sleep probably.
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I’ve been self reflecting and concluded that if I spend time doing either of two things:
-wasting time
I like one of those things.
So, I realized, that if I cut out the portions where I waste time, I will have more time for drinking thus maximising the parts where I enjoy living and isn’t that the point of life?
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Yeah? Well I just ran out of a bottle of whisky.
See, the thing is, I’ve got a clean house, because I don’t actually care about anything. Crazy concept, right? No, really, I thought I was directionless, but the fact is, is that I am completely apathetic to everything. I don’t care about arts. They make me want to womit. I can’t remember the time I’ve conciously enjoyed a movie or music or a book, I don’t care about education, I don’t care about getting a job, I’ve next to no hobbies, I’d rather chop my balls off than get into a relationship and so on and so forth.
Has anyone ever eaten bake rolls? Those breaded things with the flavours? Taste decent
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