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If anyone flied under Copa Airlines, let me ask something:

Something says: "It seems like your reservation needs to be reviewed by a service agent. Please contact our Call Center for assistance." And it scares me, knowing that my flight will be cancelled and I went to my app and it was removed, but then I put the reservation code again and it got me this.

What should I do? I am scared.
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I wish I could just go back and nuke a majority of the forum comments I made prior to last year. I feel like some of the things I said were incredibly stupid and cringeworthy.

That right their is the most truest 'saying' in the world. If your doing better than everybody, their will be people who will hate you for it. It don't make sense at all to hate somebody for doing better than you, you can do just as good as them and all these famous celebrities who are living their dream jobs.
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Part-time Pizza Cat

She likes to eat paper in the closet, which is basically her little domain. We put up a big sheet of cardboard to block her from getting to pile of paper.

Today, she learned not only how to move it, but how to toss the entire thing out of the closet.

I blame the enrichment toys we bought her that has taught her how to throw things.
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