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Also, not all rednecks are that kind of trash. There’s plenty of folk that have redneck tendencies, or are full blown rednecks, and aren’t trashy hicks.
As for your question, Cap, yea I’ve had quite a few encounters. Ever watched a bunch of hooded men burn a cross? I have.
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Born and raised in the deep south here, a few light hick tendencies myself despite best efforts. Plenty of good people and plenty of absolute trash in these parts; the latter of which I try to avoid at all costs.
I’d prolly be more fit for some more northerly states but I’d probably freeze in the winter and there’s probably much less okra there
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The ATM machines are down it looks like. Don’t know if this is exclusive to my area or if it’s a nationwide thing but when I went to two different places to buy some food, they said that the machines weren’t working and that cash was only being accepted.
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Like whatever you want. If it upsets someone remind them it’s just a videogame and perhaps they should try getting a life.
Personally, Link is Zelda’s knight and she, his lady. Their relationship should be one of deep friendship and loyalty but remain platonic.
But there have been so many incarnations of the characters who knows.
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