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I'm 22 but honestly feel like I'm still 16. I've always been considered advanced for my age even as young as 10, yet at the same time for the most part still feel like a teenager to this day. Perhaps just me clinging to some remnant of my childhood.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

screaming forever
Went in for a biopsy last Friday. They shaved the spot before giving me the consent form. They also didn’t give me enough bandages but gave me a fuckton of bacitracin. I also received no doctor’s note so I’m stuck here at work doing nothing because the quacks don’t want me doing heavy lifting. And I tried to get the inconsiderate fucks to fax over a note or something and they need the doctor’s approval. Which I won’t see until 11am at the earliest because of course she’s booked for the day. Also they didn’t dress the damn wound correctly so I ended up bleeding into my shirt and as I type am wearing two shirts so I don’t bleed into another one. This is why people are distrusting doctors: because you all fucking suck.
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