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I recently got the commission finished, but I feel like it got rushed, thanks to the commissioner who apparently wanted me to finish it immediately without giving me a break. He liked his commission eventually — just I feel he wanted me to finish it sooner.
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I hate my mentality. It takes me to where I feel like animated characters who are self reflective people, like Legoshi from Beastars.

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True that in every group there will be bad apples to spoil the bunch, And that especially goes for the BLM organisation that might as well be called White Lives Matters at this point judging by how you'll see them instead of black people at the rallies. And im sure there's some people that might genuinely believe BLM is good or they actually want to do peaceful protests and not the violent kind. And with the artists and people acting like smug/arrogant pricks or bullying people and or guilt tripping them like Doxy with the silence is consent crap, One artist i can say that has been a class act during this situation is the Artist Fellatrix despite his art is not my cup of tea i appreciate how he's been acting because before the riots started he's is and still getting crapped on especially on so much so that a user on there edited a black guy on one of his pics and edited the dialogue and showed it to him on his twitter and where it is still up on the edited version despite that would be breaking the race edit rule since it's not part of Fellatrix's set since it was just one pic. And around the time George died Fellatrix helped out by making alot of pics to show support for BLM and talked about the situation and didn't say anything like acab or silence is consent, Just that he would donate and show support along with toning down his depection of black guys in his pics believing that they might have been problematic and will draw them in a more empowering way but will still be drawing black guys in his pics, And even saying that if they don't like that he donated or is that's he's doing that change but is still gonna be drawing black guys, Saying that he doesn't mind if people get angry at what he draws there anger is justified in their minds. And he didn't blame whites or whatever which he could have easily done, And that shows some maturity that not many other artists or people that i've seen during this whole situation have.
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The singling out of any group of people for antagonization ie guilt tripping and race baiting just because they're born a certain way such as in the area of skin tone and their perceived "privilege" whatsoever is the definition of discrimination and prejudice.

They can argue "false equivalence" all they want. Just because they're not (yet) at stage 7 or 8 doesn't mean they are not being driven by the very mentality that drove the Nazis, Soviets, and Maoists to do their shit in the past. These people are in fucking denial.
The way these people are trying to "rewrite and recreate" society and culture to fit their feefee driven narratives certainly resembles the behaviors of Mao's Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

True since good messages or messages in general can be used by bad people or companies or organisations to be perceived as good or just. Because even back then people were laughing at organisation not the message that they were like the kkk or just another race baiting hate group. As if all of a sudden everyone has a case of amnesia and doesn't remember that this whole song and dance has happened twice and even more so before the 2010s, Because in a few years or less than that people will forget until another black guy dies and then this will happen again. And im sure that there are people in BLM as i said before that probably do believe that they are helping the black community out, But the higher ups more than likely don't and are just doing this for the money like the companies and others that just do it because if they don't there racist or are just doing because everyone else is doing ir, And there's the ones that only do it so they think that people will buy there stuff if they do.
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