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Reborn Reject
One of my good friends is getting surgery on her stomach…says there's a mass growing, which caused discomfort and pain in the sides of her stomach, so she's getting that removed…kind of worried.
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Spacey Spacebourne
Has anyone else been experiencing Discord randomly freezing for them every few minutes? It's been happening to me for the past few weeks and I'm starting to get really annoyed.
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[screams in German]
I had a dream today where I woke up in a different house in a remote small town. Immediately I knew everything was wrong so I ran off, then found myself at this old curved train station. There were cheering teens in front of me and this super old train covered in vines appeared and stopped. When I stepped in, I instantly saw shackles around me. The conductor (who was this nice-looking old man) looked at me and said "You can't leave the train. Not yet. Not until you fix yourself. Not until you stop being broken."

Then I woke up and I can't tell what was real anymore.
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Why contain it?
One of the downsides to living with my stepfather is that he cramps my lifestyle. He was supposed to work today, and left about 6:30 to go drive cab, which is what he does on Sundays. So I'm like, "Great, I have the whole day to myself." So I proceed to start, you know, the business at hand so to speak, when I hear him roll back in. So I have to drop everything I'm doing and very quietly put myself back together for the day. Turns out the water pump died in his car and it overheated. So now he has to bring it into the shop today and that means he'll also have to take tomorrow off as a sick day so he can get his car when it's done. The problem is I can barely tolerate this guy (and I've known him for 30 years) on the BEST of days, but today when I was literally in the middle of something is making it very difficult for me to endure him.
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