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I wonder if those “fans” feel good about themselves, now that Jim Miller locked his Twitter. They must be feeling very accomplished.
Hollowfox The Worst
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Est. Late 2010s
This is why I fear for most planned series finales in the future…
Fans are becoming less accepting of change and they will bitch and moan about things if they don’t go their way. This happened to Voltron, Game of Thrones and Gumball and MLP now. And future shows, like Attack on Titan.
Also, these kinds of fanboys are the reason why people can’t do whatever they want anymore. Not just Jim Miller, but also people like Jeff Fowler, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Rian Johnson, Paul Feig, Michael Bay, etc. This is why I am afraid of adapting and/or reimagining established properties that is so beloved by passionate (yet butthurt) fans if I become a filmmaker or a series creator.

Hey look. It's me.
Doctors say my father will be dying within tonight or tomorrow afternoon… I’m going to be at the funeral over the weekend.
Told my girlfriend and she made me feel a little better but making out can only get my mind off it for a little bit.
Told my friend and we played some Call of Duty for a while, but blowing things up can only get my mind off it for a while.
Asked God why he’s doing this. No answer, yelling at the sky can only get my mind off it for a minute.
I’m gonna miss him so much.
He taught me everything I know, except how to live without him.
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