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Unemployed Brendon
[@Background Pony \#83A0](/forums/dis/topics/vent-thread?post_id=5260403#post_5260403)
Yeah go get some whores that don't have any self respect, or intelligence.

Pro-life is one hell of a misnomer, we're forcing poor people to have babies against their will, and trapping women in relationships. It's for economic growth and soldiers, not because a clump of cells is conscious.

We torture conscious animals every day for our economy, but we cannot remove an unconscious, uniform ball of cells from a women? This isn't about goodwill, it's about subjugating women.

[@4Town Fan](/forums/dis/topics/vent-thread?post_id=5260418#post_5260418)
I'm underemployed. Being an adult is about having a particular job, so much as working every day to make life more bearable, even if that means looking for work, or going to food banks like I do.
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