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Already had to clean up a kid's vomit right at the start of my double-shift today...

And when I say double-shift, I mean a real double shift, as in 16 hours, not just 12. I had a double-shift on Friday, doing it again today. It seems whenever someone is out, I have to be the one who fills in for them, even if it means being alone.

To make things worse, I don't have any keys to open up any necessary doors and panels because they don't trust me enough yet to give me keys since I'm on probation...for the crime of being new to the job even though I've worked in the system a few times in the past. And yet I've been here for two months... A lot of of the staffers throughout the system are shocked by this and strongly believe that I should have a contract...but the very people who matter don't seem to think so...

It's like expecting someone to clean up a huge mess all over the floor in a really big room and giving them a fuckin' toothbrush. I've already stopped giving a shit about doing my job well enough because if they don't care about giving me the resources to do my job then I'm not gonna care about giving it my all either. Oversight, schmoversight, they should know very well that I need my own keys. I can't wait on the security guards to open up doors for me, especially since they're still busy standing by the doorway holding the door open letting all the kids in through the door at the beginning of the day.

$16 an hour isn't paying me enough to do what they expect of me...
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