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I’m glad people are aware of this. I was worried people were being hypocritical.
So let’s ask another question. Can cryptocurrencies be reformed to be enviormentally friendly?
And since I’m unfamiliar, are there other problems with crypto?
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While their electric usage can be offset by green energy, the sheer amount of e-waste (burnout CPU/GPUs most notably) they create cannot be recuperated by recycling the parts.
Then there’s the huge amount art theft the NFT market seems to rely to function and the fact that most Blockchains are used as little more than cover for pyramid schemes.
Yeah Crypto is a fuck up
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And one of the only things Super does better than Z, Ultimate Battle is better than both.
Not the English version. The English version of that song is hot garbage. The translation doesn’t fit the cadence and the wannabe Indy rocker they got to sing it lacks the proper level of hype.
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As much as I hate NFTs, I don’t wanna be part of angry mobs ruining people’s careers. (And before y’all cry about how people still have careers, well we’re in an age where the internet embraced never-ending hate and supremacy, and imagine if someone got their career ruined because the internet said so)
It makes me angry and ruins my admiration for someone to the point of wanting to cry a lot because I’m weak and I don’t know how to get rid of toxic negativity, lack of forgiveness and grudges on the internet.
And yes I said the T-word, sue me.
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@The Worst Person
NFTs suck ass, but I also don’t think going full knives and pitchforks on anyone who makes them is great either. I can at least understand why some people choose to make NFTs. (I don’t understand why people buy them though, just buy a fucking a poster or something if you want art, or commission an artist.)
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Oh, right, I forgot, people who buy NFTs don’t buy them for the art itself, it’s more so to show off their status and wealth, and be part of some exclusive club.
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I’d probably try making NFTs myself, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are bad for the environment yes. I’m sure producing NFTs for a living is a lot more fun than working a wage job.
Maybe in the future they’ll come up with a less environmentally damaging way to mine crypto?
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I dunno why they even dubbed it to begin with. They left Super Dragon Soul as is in Kai (before the worldwide soundtrack replacement), so it doesn’t make any sense.
It’s a shame too, cuz they nailed the Ultra Instinct scenes in the dub otherwise, but the song just becomes unbearable to listen to.
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Is that a 5*?
The “change the sexes” game isn’t used as often as it should be. I don’t mean rule 63, but looking at a situation and asking if the reactions would be different depending on the sex of the characters.
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I recently watched the first episode of Arcane League of Legends.
Maybe it’s because I never played the original game, but it felt like a Spiderverse copy prodecurally made by Alexa. I remember Onward and Spiderverse being a lot better than this.
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