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Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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I prefer baked lays over original lays.  
I didn’t mind the changes in Disney’s Doug and I enjoyed Doug’s 1st movie.  
As an autistic person I don’t there should Neurodivergent pride nor do I think it’s a different ability not a disability I mean you don’t see people claiming that there diabetes or paralysis is a different ability so Neurodivergent people shouldn’t claim that they’re disability is a different ability and I also don’t think we should go full blown autism speaks either.
Background Pony #EB2F
I changed my mind about disability pride I think the only circumstance where people should not be proud of their disability is when it’s potentially life threatening.  
Pro lifers are contributing more to overpopulation than infertile women who decide to get pregnant via reproductive technologies.

Get up and Jump
Mammals existed alongside Dinosaurs and I am tired of mainstream Dinosaur media pretending otherwise
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I think people undervalue bad interpretations and versions of stories and characters. If there are no bad versions, than how can there be good versions?
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