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Hollow sometimes refuses to give context to his rage
Like that one time he was raging about someone who said something about a Voice Actor he liked and he was complaining about her being cancelled without even telling us who is the person he’s raging against
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Well, I think the Brie Larson hate started when she demanded diversity in Hollywood and more diverse film reviewers and critics than just the standard white men, making other people (or news sites) take it out of context, claiming it’s misandrist and woke and then ruining Captain Marvel for everyone.
Meanwhile I didn’t see nor hear Dormer say about wanting diversity in film criticism/journalism/reviews nor in Hollywood.
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The problem was People don’t grasp that people who are repressing their emotions because of being conditioned too aren’t very emotive, also that we’ll documented effect where people perceive women who aren’t being outwardly nice and friendly more negatively then men doing the same,
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Most likely. Diversity and quality aren’t related, despite what some claim. At “best,” the need of shoehorning in diversity might cause issues (like trying too hard to make a group look good to the point of killing character development).
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It is mostly like @Meanlucario says. In addition that advertisers and news outlets always build it up like that “The first gay something something” or whatever and one thing most people seem to forget about:
Companies aren’t on your side or the other side. They are on the side that hopefully gives them the most money. If there is an outcry a response happens to appease the angry mob, not because they actually care. A pretend apology and some money donated is cheaper than dealing with a potential fallout long term.
And if something financially fails, woke or not. That is the purest form of feedback: Don’t like it, don’t buy it and vice versa.
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