Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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Waiting through the credits just to see the post- or mid- credit scenes that will show the next movie in the MCU loses its luster after awhile and is more of a chore to see.
I kind of wish they’d just include it before the credits now instead of having to skim through the credits for them.
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Including a post-credits scene right before the credits feels weird. It would make the scene like an epilogue, so for editing and narrative purposes, it wouldn’t make sense.
I used to wait for another post-credits scene, and I do, although my limit right now is just one scene. I could ask later if there are more than one scene.
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Because being told to try something makes me less inclined to do so, especially when the person trying to press it on me endlessly raves about how amazing it is. I prefer to approach things on my own.
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I haven’t tried them because the games don’t look that interesting to me, and i don’t want to spend money on something that im not interested in.
I’m not saying the games are bad, just that from evrything I’ve seen about the games they don’t look that interesting to me
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I don’t like Smiling Friends. Yeah, I said it. You can like it. I don’t care. You do you. Unless you are so hurt by my opinion that you want to hurt me because I don’t like Smiling Friends. Its animation and story make me sick. Gosh… I regret watching 15 minutes of it.
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