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Another issue arising from that is that there doesn’t seem to be any incentive to remove underage users from platforms whenever they’re found out. Though the “I don’t actually care enough about my kids to raise them myself, and expect everyone around me to raise them for me” mentality doesn’t help things.
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I think the way my dad did it was good. He first allowed me ten minutes of internet time when I was very young, and even then he supervised me and made me aware of the dangers on the internet. Then the ten minutes gradually extended to twenty minutes, then thirty, and then the thirty minutes became unsupervised. Once I got into middle school and had to start doing research for larger essays, in addition to the thirty minutes I got extra time to work on my projects. The thirty minutes then became an hour, and then I got my first laptop after I finished ninth grade and was basically unsupervised most of the time–but that was only after I had proven myself before then.
The problem with many parents nowadays is that they just give their kids an iPad, or stick their kids in front of the computer unsupervised, and then act all surprised when the kids discover some messed-up shit on the internet. Like come on.
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Either them or their parents. There has been quite a push to remove NSFW content from the internet for a while now, between Tumblr and now Fandom (formerly Wikia) removing NSFW stuff, and it extending beyond the realm of NSFW, with voice actors such as ProZD being accused of homophobia because they voiced homophobic characters. It’s the same old crap as yesteryear–“Think of the children!”–only this time the children are fully indoctrinated into it.
This, I hate all of this so much. We shouldn’t have to cater the internet to parent your kids. It’s your own job to parent your kids. We’re not going to bend over backwards for you just because you’re too lazy or chicken.
And for that matter, what’s wrong with kids discovering NSFW content anyway? I saw Zone’s Teen Titans animations when I was a kid and I turned out fine.
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