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Autueur theory is fucking dumb.

Films are collaborative efforts and require the creative input of the entire team. Yes directors very often inject their creative thumbprint into their work but thats inevitable. Like take David Lynch for instance one of the mainly thought of as "auteur" directors. The reality is he never put himself into all of the production at all, like how the lighting and sound design in Eraserhead was the idea of his lighting crew and sound crew and almost nothing to do with him. This is why so much of David Lynchs film have reocurring crew members and actors, he simply knew who was best for him to work with. Akiyuki Shinbo despite being known for his trippy and unique style has said he only does that stuff because he believes its what people wanna see and he fuckin hates being called an auteur.

What these people who suck off auteur theory fail to realize is the sole job of a director is to make sure everyone is doing their job, thats it at the end of the day. Everyone puts their own creative energy towards the end goal of finishing a project. Like okay being an auteur works if youre a prodigy like Stanley fuckin Kubrick or some independant artist making short films for art galleries but aside from that you know who are the real auteurs in the industry are? People like Tommy Wiseau, M Night Shymalan, Tyler Perry, Michael Bay, Ed Wood etc.

Working on film, TV, animation and so on in the industry is a collaborative effort, editors cut out segments that dont work, actors will do improv that makes it in and so on. And no this is not an argument for production companies telling the directors to change things so they can make better profits because thats usually detrimental to the film. But just because producers are shit and its better to go to an independant company doesnt mean that going "i iz da artiste oooh lala" when youre trying to make a film is evet gonna work. Not even the art house directors think this way usually.
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