The Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread


Its still a pretty good fic.
Though I just don't like how Spike really got the short end of the stick there.
Along with how Princess Luna kind of gotten screwed too in a way(specifically she's brushing aside another failure even though she should be bothered by it big time).

The chapters are also pretty big too iirc.

Which main villains?
Even then its just one and it still seems like he's ultimately in the shadows of others as whole.
Especially since apparently he's not in the 4th fic at all iirc.

Heath Burns i beleive, even if his final duel with this flash instead, I know Spiked duelled against him at least once in XX and was with team dominators along with Tempest and Starlight. So i don't think Heath Burns isn't a fade into the shadows kind of deal, but he is kinda minor nonetheless, but he does get the fire dragon thing in the sequel.

I see.

Still, I feel like Spike is kind of in the shadows of others in those 4 fics..
How he's handled in it might be ok for some, but for me since how there's so few fics where Spike gets to duel(and not end up in the shadows of others), I can't let it slide honestly.
Really wished there are more fics out there where Spike gets to duel and not end up in the shadows of others(as in issues like him ultimately getting taken out or isn't a "chosen one" like the others, etc.)
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