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Not to drag drama into this thread, but I think I know why the lunatic fringe on the left now opposes same-sex marriage (by lunatic fringe I mean sjw and such).
Well the right in the usa is being forced to slowly adopt same-sex marriage on the national level cause support for same-sex marriage in the usa is so high vs opposition that in 2016 if a presidential contendor opposes it they’re fucked.
Anyways I think I know why the extremist progressives now oppose same-sex marriage now; cause the second gay marriage is legalized it’s no longer considered special and just goes back to people bumping uglies like every non-abstinant marriage.
The drama shit going on has illustrated something very disturbing going on in teen culture and that; on tumblr and such sjw and other morons now think of being glbt as a fashion statement. What do I mean by this? Well the new “cool” thing for teens is for straight to claim to be glbt to the point you see people going “I’m a gay male, but I’m not attracted to men” or “I’m bisexual, but I’m not attracted to men” or such.
Why does the lunatic left now oppose same-sex marriage? Easy, cause if same-sex marriage is legalized then it becomes normal to be glbt.
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