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Good ones I’ve heard about (pffft yeah right)
Sora no Iro, Sexfriend, Hatsu Inu, and some other 4 which names I don’t know because the site I see them doesn’t have them
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what site if I may ask? Mine went kaput. And I swear to god it actually does have a story, and the English Dub actually helps (since I have a hard time sympathizing with subtitles)
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So apparently the ps4 is outselling the xboxone by over a million units and such. I don’t think this is surprising to anyone and that the moral of the story is, “If you’re trying to sell a video game console then don’t piss off video gamers”.
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While we’re on the topic of anime and such; was there ever a sequel to K-On! ? It ended very abruptly.
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Crud. Personally after finishing it I think the anime is better than the manga. If they ever do anything else with the franchise I hope they don’t follow the manga, cause it kind of went downhill; although the new girl that’s a maid I liked.  
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Its a slice of life anime about a girl who joins the light music club and becomes the lead singer/guitarist of the band, but shes still learning how to play her guitar. Its an alright series, but i only lasted to episode 5.
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