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The Owl House Thread [SFW]

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I’ve just started watching the series on Disney+. I just finished the episode where Luz goes to her first day at Hexside, gets into detention after trying to mix classes, befriends the detention kids, and thanks to their skills in defeating the magic-eater, the principal allows them to class-mix, while Luz is allowed to mix all.
Also, King tries being a teacher. Principal is not amused.
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I’ve seen some spoilers so far,like I know Eda’s sister shows up or something,and Luz and Amity become adorable girlfriends. Also something about King’s relatives? I don’t usually try to avoid spoilers but for Owl House I am for some reason.
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I love how Luz and Amity went from enemies to lovers(even though the love part from Amity).
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@Dex Stewart
It’s quite a ride, but Amity really is a good character.
By the end of the season, I’m sure you’ll be champing at the bit for more like the rest of us :U
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