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FTL travel used by most people in trek goes through another dimension called subspace, it turns out that the brute force approach they used to gaining more speed was damaging it threatening to render warp travel and even ftl comunications impossible in those regions,
How long does it take for these regions to heal before FTL travel can safely be used again?
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I believe they just eventually wrote it off as we changed our warpdrives now it’s fixed, but it did have some impact, i believe for a few episodes you actually noticed the enterprise avoiding higher warp speeds and Voyeger’s design was meant to be a way of addressing the issues, i also believe the sovereign class’s sleeker profile was for the same reasons,
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We don’t talk about the Prophets or the Pah Wraith.
As far as I’m concerned DS9 ended when Cardassia fell and the Dominion pulled out of the Alpha Quadrant and Dukat died with his little cult or during the events of Waltz. Nothing else happened and I cannot be convinced otherwise.
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if you get fucking ride a giant bear in this game i’m taking everything bad i’ve said about this thing.
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