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Meh, I’ve sorta figure it’s a borderline mandate at this point that Peter Parker Spider-Man has to be the main one in official movies and TV shows. Even Spider-Verse, who’s main character is Miles, had Peter featured prominently throughout.
Dunno if that’ll change with Across the Spider-Verse, but we’ll just have to wait and see.
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For real tho. The Spiderverse comic series had the lead Inheritor stomp and absorb Captain Universe Spiderman. Supaidaman then called his zord and fought the now godlike vampire into blowing all his new power buff.
That “Emissary from Hell” moniker ain’t for jokes.
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i’m wondering wat if the fantastic Four always belonged to Marvel Studios and then Disney I wonder how that would have influenced the MCU. i keep on fantasizing.
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The type of people who think only artsy avant-garde hipster bullshit is the only type of thing worth enjoying are just as wrong as the people who think everything needs flashy special effects and action scenes to be good.
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