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Does anyone know who Clownfish TV is? I've heard people talk about some youtube channel… I think it was about animation? I heard they had a lot of controversial takes? That's all I know. And I wanna to be in the know.
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I made a meme about them🤣
I mean,yeah their opinions and all that,but I kept getting recommended videos about She-ra. I like She-ra. They don't,not the Netflix one. What made me mad was that they said,the (Netflix) She-ra is over,stop talking about it…then they go on to talk about how much better the 80's show was.🤣 Which,I'd like,if they didn't keep bringing up Netflix She-ra.
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You ever really want to fuck up your recommended videos try watching anything about Warhammer or Warhammer 40K you will be buried in sargon level crap for weeks,
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I have a solution:
What if they made a box art and front covers specially for Australia, by giving hijab to all the girls.

boy would they be confused as hell

"M8, the label says 18+ but we dont see a strand of hair much less butts and breasts, what do you make of it?"
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I wonder if Joe Fixit is ever gonna get his Hulk form back. Sunshine Joe is fun, but I think some Grey Hulk time would be nice for a change of pace like before.
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