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There is a recurring trope that it's always there, right there in my face but I just never really figured out until the characters verbatim explained it to me.

The Trope: When a character is so utterly overpowered that they have zero need to lie.

in Hunter x Hunter, the Ant King is a being that is perhaps the strongest single individual in the series when it comes to raw physical power. He carries himself in such a way that he feels no threat from anything he faces. During a debate with one human character, the human noted the Ant King's sincerity.

The Ant King is honest to a fault. The being standing above all, one without equal and who fears no harm, has no need for subterfuge.

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I’m reading random TF2 fanfics and I notice a common trend amongst the crossovers:

Why the hell do they always have the mercs give their real names and info on their jobs of being mercs to random fucking people who could easily turn them all into the authorities?

Why can’t they realize that mercs don’t willingly socialize?

They need to have a good narrative reason for them to do so and they never do.
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So JK Rowling's new book is already coming under fire from a lot of people.

Since the premise of the book is that it's about a male serial killer who dresses up and pretends to be a woman in order to kill other females.

Considering she has already been under fire for certain comments about transgender people, her writing a book about a guy who pretends to be a woman just so he can kill people is not helping her case.
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@icey wicey 1517
Oh geez…

Not that having a male villain who disguises as a woman is inherently transphobic, but Rowling is not the author to do it.

And also, WTF? That's literally the plot twist from Dressed to Kill. Why is J. K. ripping off '80s Brian De Palma films?

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Holy shit, I finally came across a TF2 crossover fanfic my friend sent to me that’s actually good.

(I am gonna repay them BIG TIME for introducing me to this!)

It’s a crossover with RWBY, a show I’ve never seen but I’m no stranger to reading crossover fanfics which contain a series I know nothing about.

All the mercs act like themselves and don’t spill the fact their mercs right out of the gate and have a narrative reason for when they eventually DO.

I’ve never seen RWBY so I can’t tell if the characters from that series are being portrayed themselves but seeing as how I have not much attachment to said series they’re just random anime characters in my eyes, for now at least.

I’m just reading it for the TF2 stuff but I am somewhat growing interested in RWBY has to offer.

It actually pulls off being emotional and have the mercs develop as characters while still managing to maintain the usual funny and badass GMOD/SFM Tropes we’ve seen before.

The person who wrote this fanfic deserves a fucking medal and a job at Valve.

Im serious, it’s the best damn fanfic I’ve ever read and I’m only familiar with one of the two series in said fanfic.

Like for real, if Valve got together with whatever company made RWBY and made this fanfic into a full fledged movie or animated crossover series that used both the SFM and whatever program RWBY is made with, it would easily be a hit.

I’m that in love with it.

I gotta ask two things:

1. Is RWBY a good show on its own and should I watch it?

2. What’s it going to take for me to see someone animate this entire fanfic in SFM or at least draw it out on deviant-art?

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Rwby has been a pretty mixed bag lately. I initially got into it for the fighting animation and interesting characters/world.
Things haven't been the same after the original creator died.

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If the series is just like how it's portrayed here then I think it might be interesting.

Spoiler Alert for the Fanfic:

Also I guess that Cinder lady is truly a loathsome cunt in the actual series as she is in this fanfic, as I shed manly tears when the TF2 Mercs fell solely by her hand.

And it does get pretty crazy near the end as RWBY is sidelined and replaced with other Valve properties but that first chunk where it’s solely just between TF2 and RWBY is rock solid.
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