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Wonderful tribute
A while back I asked my brother to send me my White Ranger figure I left at home, I want to take some pics of it. Also managed to get a Zeo Ranger LC figure for cheap before they started skyrocketing in price
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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special revealed that Quill and Mantis are half-siblings. That answers a question I didn’t know I had with an answer I didn’t know I really wanted.
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Probably the funniest moment in the Roger Moore era of James Bond is when the Soviets awarded 007 with the Order of Lenin at the end of A View to a Kill, even though the GRU and MI6 absolutely hate each other’s guts.
No wonder no one remembers anything positive about that era.
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Quite a bit of hyperbole.
Yes, the Roger Moore era was on the lighter side, and generally didn’t take themselves as seriously, but I don’t see it as a flaw. It’s simply a different flavor of Bond. I think most fans enjoy them.
Duck - Believes in a quack for a quack. Not a fan of being civil to others.

The only villain I could take seriously in that era was Drax, who was going to kill all humans and rebuild civilization with his “perfect beings”. (A eugenicist, in other words.)
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