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Shut up Cartman!
Funny how I found this.

I feel like this would never happen, not only because of all the problems DC has in real life like we just talked about, but because of all the knightmare sequences. Unless they eventually “reform” Superman and Wonder Woman isn’t dead, or there will never be an epic DC Trinity vs Darkseid because of Snyder’s weird obsession with Injustice Superman. It was probably not gonna happen even without all the mess with DCEU.
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Apples and Pears
200 episodes of Sesame Street were removed from HBO Max this morning.
This was a show that helped get me through as a child, and WBD decides younger children can’t look through history because money.
Darth Prime
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Yeah it’s impressive alright.
In this day and age where every network/studio and what not so desperately want their own streaming service it takes quite the bold visionary with a will of steel to go against that trend and actively destroy yours especially when it’s one of the best and most successful streaming services.
That’s why the get paid the big bucks.
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If I ever make an MLP review channel or audio drama or animated series or whatever, I’ll try to put it on Odyseey.
Also I really wish more brony youtubers would use Odysee considering the Youtube Kids algorithm is so messed up these days.
And honestly the animation community in general should consider this.
It would also help Odysee’s reputation away from the more uh out there side.
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OG posted in Video Game thread but it fits here as well:

Usually Zombie games have you fight other humans armed with guns as the basic zombie is too savage and dumb to use tools as a way to mix up encounters:

So believe me when say that I love how Zombie Army 4 totally flips the bird at this.
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