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Ezra Miller is now being hunted by the police after news came out that they has been grooming and currently holding hostage an underage fan.
Ezra also confirmed this by posting a bunch of memes on their social media accounts mocking the police for being unable to find him becuase “I am in another universe”
Someone just throw this asshole in jail already
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The producers said that the change to Kamala’s power in the show is meant to tie into future stories. And the latest Ms Marvel episode hints that her powers is somehow related to the multiverse.
Well, I guess it’s good they kept that aspect of her power. And it’s nice that Phase 4 continues to be the Multiverse story.
But I’m still neutral at best on her going from a rubber girl to a rainbow lantern.
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@Darth Prime
And Amber Heard and Ezra Miller both did some sh1tty stuff, have some serious claims against them and pretending to be an ally of abuse with differences being that Amber Heard is trying to persuade the public that she was in a rigged court while Ezra Miller is on the run.
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Today I was informed the new predator movie is “woke propaganda”. I am going to go walk into the ocean.
Aside from that, it looks pretty cool. It reminds of me of the historical period predator comics from darkhorse. It cant be worse than AvP 2.
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