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I used to shit on the Ultra Marines a lot back in the day but in all honesty ol Rowboat the Smurf is the only primarch with a decent head on his shoulders who can actually run shit.
Vulcan and Sanguinus do too but…one keeps dying constantly and the other is dead as fuck so…
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Lion can too but because he lacks the others blind focus he actually grasps the problems around him and it kind of overwhelms him, effectively he’s the only one who actually has the combination of intelligence and morals to grasp that there is no good options, if any of the others actually considered that they would probably fold like origami at a contortionist convention,
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I just finished watching episode 6 of Steins;Gate. I really am enjoying the show so far.
As a tsundere enthusiast, I figured going in I was really gonna like Kurisu. However, I also really like the relationship between her and Mayuri. They very much have like this relationship of a mother and her adopted daughter. It’s very wholesome. I hope going forward they do more with those two together. It’s like chicken soup for the soul seeing them get along.
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