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#121 Dat Sheep
Not so much the post but ‘Death of the Author’ in general.
I always thought it was more of
‘The author says the work represents this’
‘The reader says the work represents something else’
Then people argue over who’s interpretation is correct. Then it gets confusing with how a work makes people ‘feel’.
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Shiny Bug
Death of the Author is “The author doesn’t get any say on what their work means outside of the work itself, it is up to the reader to decide what it means” is the gist.
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UNSC ships seem rather odd to me…
Then again they seem more practical than the Dorito Star Destroyers but I don’t know…
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The new Power Rangers Universe comic is out and everyone is confused! These chuckleheads are the ancient Morphin Masters! But not THE Morphin Masters, no, these guys are the Legendary Squadron! The comic is supposed to be about the origin of the Phantom Ranger, but for some reason they keep sneaking around it.
My absolute favorite thing about the comic is that these kids draw crude smiley faces on sticky notes and stick them to the mini fridge they have in the abandoned lab of the Morphinaut. Morphinaut is a white and gold Phantom Ranger who does stuff in the comic and gets hisself stuck in the Morphin Grid!
If you don’t follow Power Rangers and don’t understand any of that, take comfort in knowing the comic makes about as much sense to the biggest fans.

Also cardboard boxes held together with masking tape is ancient alien technology!
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Honestly after reading Irredeemable, I’m sick and tired of the evil Superman trope
It’s so played out and literally no one has anything interesting to say about it
It’s literally just “what if Suparman bad parenting” or “Superman lives in a society™️“ and even variations beyond that just aren’t that interesting. Debatably(and I mean very debatably) the only one that even grabs my attention of this trope is Dr Manhattan and the part that grabs my attention has nothing to do with “evil Superman” but “what if a man had the powers of a literal god”.
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