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Ricardo? that’s what i meant, he simply wouldn’t be in shape to handle the costume nowadays if he was still alive, he’s very charming and charismatic and i think we can all agree can show unbelievable amounts of hate in a surprisingly low key way,
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i don’t think they have the rights, pulse that would mean fox gave a dame. we all know why fox made even made it the first place was to keep it’s rights from marvel.
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he already speaks in the third person in the most arrogant but totally earned it way.
he can also double duty as namor (since he’s almost a lock for black adam anyway) in the same movie.  
before dr. robotnik and dr. wily, evil BFFS, there were these two.
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team cap?
or team iron man?
Well I can’t speak for the movies, but if they end up being anything like the comic versions, Iron Man all the way. Because his side, at least before all the writers got together and decided he was going to be evil for that arc, was basically, “hey, maybe we should have some sort of system in place to hold us accountable for our actions and prevent teenagers who can punch with the power of a nuclear explosion from decimating a city in an effort to stop jaywalkers”.
Whereas the other side was basically, “but we enjoy having the power to do whatever we want at any time.”
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