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its not cancelled, the original plan was for it to be made into 6 part movies, they just wanted to surprise everyone i guess, the upside is that ill have more time to catch up with the first season (considering how Adventure Tri takes place in between Adventure 1 and 2), and this will mean that they will be working harder on the animation hopefully.
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time for power rankings

favorite — Savers

1. X-Evolution
2. V-Tamers
3. Tamers
4. Next
5. Adventure
6. Xros Wars manga
7/8 Frontier/Xros Wars (all but the last arc)

Shit. Adventure 02/Xros Hunters

D-Cyber is too short to rank
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Yep they even managed to be sexy even when they weren't trying to be. Just look at renamon and gatomon!

Also the close up shots in the trailer were a bit odd but I still loved the small snippets of fight scenes they showed.

I heard that its going to be a six part OVA rather then a full series and that it is supposed to deconstruct 02s ending.
I'm guessing it will show some humans who use their digimon partners for crimes or warfare.
Background Pony #8874
now that its six movies, i hope that doesnt mean itll take forever to come outside of Japan

if it's the same quality as the Fusion dub… I think we should forget it.
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