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The Eternal Thread 2.0

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I've emptied out my snack stash. Maybe tomorrow I'll get more. I'm thinking this time I'll get some chocolate milk and cereal of some sort.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I'm pretty happy although slightly angry. I got arrested and put in jail overnight because I was peacefully protesting. If the media didn't exaggerate these rioters in some places I'd be a martyr right now. I'm sure the rioters are very bad in some areas, but in my area we had some 300 people, and like 1 person knocked over a garbage can, and 2 started throwing rocks a couple times and both times the rest of us stopped them, but the second time the police just decided they'd had enough and told us that we had to disperse otherwose we'd be arrested. So 98-99% of us were peaceful protesters, but the media makes it sound like most of us just got bad as the night went on. But that's not what happened.

I got arrested for standing in place with a cheesy but classic sign that said "Make Love not War." That was it. The media makes it out like we were getting super rowdy but we weren't. Maybe 6 people in total out of 300something slightly damaged a couple police cars and a window. And yet a lot of those people ran away and got off with it. Meanwhile I'm standing peacefully and they arrest me. I'm just happy cause I'm a martyr now and by them doing that to me, they look bad.
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