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@Cyan Lightning
Gives a new meaning to puff puff pass.

Recreational drug use has been observed in animals, but it's extremely rare to find it. One difficulty in finding it is in discerning it from other behaviors. Researchers sometimes miss it because it can just look like other patterns of behavior like they're just gathering food that look best to them. There was a species of rodent that they figured out liked to get shitfaced on fermented fruit and roll around before passing out for hours at a time, but only in times of low activity, when its nest was made up well, there were no predators in the area, and food was aplenty. Basically, it was a "functional alcoholic" who drank in excess, but only on its rodent equivalent of "the weekends."

If I remember correctly, not all of this species did this. A good many didn't. A lot of rodents, for whatever reason, are very individualistic, with their own unique dietary and lifestyle choices, even within their species. It's no wonder we essentially evolved from their ancestors after the dinosaurs died.
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@O. Hancock
I do have a vial of rose quartz crystals but that's about it. I think I also have a piece of obsidian but that stuff is only a 5 or 6, though it's a good choice if you prefer to party sharp.
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