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I've literally lost myself a lot this year. I'm glad i got in to my dream gymnasium and stuff but all that's happened makes me so fucking angry. I can't draw much like I did anymore nor can I spell properly for fucks sake.

I still have a year or two until I'm 18 and when I turn 21 or 20, I'm just gonna move to the US. Its too dark and I'm just out here hating on people.
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Has anyone ever used an adapter to plug EU plugs into US sockets? I'm squeamish about using one because of the different voltages, even though the AC adapter of the computer I want to plug in is rated for a range of voltages and currents, and US outlets are in the advertised range.
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2021 is the year of the prologue of the world and it was amazing to see it as a family of two years later in the comments section of my life is strange to be continued in the comments.
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