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I know the feeling. They got a 2 for $6 special on impossible Whoppers, regular Whoppers, and crispy chicken sandwiches in my area at the moment so I've been ordering things not on the value menu for a change lately.

Got a couple impossible Whoppers for my meatless Monday with the intention of bringing one home for my gf but an old neighbor of mine is homeless and in a bad way standing out front. Mind you it was like -20°F outside that day with wind chill. I gave him the Whopper and he had no idea it wasn't the real meat one. XD when you're hungry and don't have a lot going on, you'll appreciate stuff like that while simultaneously snarfing it down. You might miss some of the finer details of the food that could suggest different recipes and ingredients, but you'll enjoy it for how it executes its more primal characteristics all the same.

Food that satisfies the good old reptillian brain and doesn't break the bank. That's burger king for ya. Nothin' wrong with that. ;)
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CrazyInsane, GotNoBrain

@Lord Goku

The last 3 times Yellowstone erupted were 2,100,000, 1,200,000, and 640,000 years ago, and they had destructive power equivalent to 6,000, 900, and 2,500 times the 1980 Mt. St. Helen's eruption, respectively.

If you were anywhere on this map when it erupted again, You probably wouldn't survive, regardless. It would be good to try and get away, and sure, having a gas mask would be great, but anyone actually in or near the park at the time would be dead almost instantly, regardless. We're talking about eruption capabilities that modern humans have never even seen yet. Chances are, humans might be long already on other planets by the time it erupts, hundreds of thousands of years from now. But if by some stroke of (mostly bad) luck it does erupt within the next few thousand years, it will no doubt be very tragic, yet incredibly glorious.

Something else interesting to consider is that the likelihood of it erupting in any given year is 1 in 700,000, whereas the likelihood of dying in a plane accident is roughly 1 in 11,000,000.

This means that, if you live and work in and around the park for 30 years, and my math is correct, you're statistically about 471 times more likely to die from the park exploding than from a plane crash, assuming you fly the same amount as the average human being does in your lifetime.

This figure is probably better at illustrating how unlikely you are to die in a plane crash than it is in illustrating the likelihood of Yellowstone erupting, but it is nonetheless imteresting to think about.
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Got home at 12:30 am or so. Parents got home at 2 am and I managed to get the usual housekeeping stuff done before they got home, in a time frame that I usually don't do housekeeping.
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