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Standing against the EU Article 13. #saveyourinternet


Word is that The Commission will finally release the Guidelines tomorrow.
There is concern that they may go back on their word to protect user safeguards.
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Yeah, you know what, fuck the Internet as it is, every political entity putting regulations is doing the world a favor at this point. I saw a report on TV about the deregulation of radio bandwidth in France, while it undeniably liberated some creative freedom in a radio landscape controlled by the governments, they were also a station who spreaded the rumor of Mick Jager death, you know as we would call it today, fake news for the lulz, or broadcasted a couple having sex live And maybe it was funny at the time (and it probably was) the Internet of the late 2000s-2010s and especially 4chan who followed that path of bad taste and fake news showed us the danger of letting the clowns and the provocateur going unchecked for too long. At one point, the recess went for too long and morphed into a Lord of the Flies dystopia, time for actual adults to make a big overdue cleanup and remind some people of some inescapable rules when it come to live together
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We finally have the guidelines and Communia has article going over them:
We have a problem and it’s called “Earmarking”.
It was added in behind closed doors in the past 3 months and it allows them to step on user rights if they claim that a use of their works “could cause significant economic harm”.
Also worth noting that the court ruling on Article 17 is still out and could change the whole situation so please follow that.
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That said, it does make sense that the AG delayed the opinion/ruling until July 15th.
The AG probably wanted to wait until the release the guidance. And they did.
I expected this, though i feel that sadly, if the Commission actually didn’t backtrack, the rightsholders and certain member states would’ve complained. Lose-lose situation.
It does become hard to be neutral cause of the pressure, has there ever been a group that never caved to pressure?
And i doubt a compromise for us users and rightsholders would work, being neutral sadly doesn’t work in drafting (though it depends on which way you look at it).
The Commission has pretty much sadly shown why we shouldn’t get our hopes high.
That said, at least they’re seemingly aware and stated that they may review the guidance following the ruling. So at least that’s one good thing.
Repost with some more words.
And one more thing, even though i figured it would happen, will they eventually revise it before the ruling?
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Ireland’s progress with the DSM Directive, according to Eurovision Communia:
“As of June 7, 2021, the government has announced its intention to transpose the Directive by way of regulations contained in secondary legislation (so-called “Statutory Instrument”), without actual parliamentary debate, further informing that a draft instrument is currently with the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel for formal drafting.
After running a series of public pre-draft consultations, each focused on a different part of the Directed and all carefully prepared, the Irish government decided to transpose the Directive by way of Regulations contained in secondary legislation, without submitting the actual draft law to public discussion and without further parliamentary debate.”
“The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation claims to have taken note of the submissions received over the course of the stakeholder consultation process and to have prepared a law that is “guided by the overarching objective of providing a copyright legislative framework fit for the digital age but which represents a balanced consideration of the interests of all stakeholders”. No text has been released yet, so it’s not yet possible to confirm these claims.”
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