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Standing against the EU Article 13. #saveyourinternet


Some news:
The 🇩🇪 government has just approved the implementation package for the new #copyright directive. It now be discussed in the Bundestag (parliament). The proposal contains a number of important user rights safeguards, but they are much weaker than in the proposal from last summer.

So this is still an ongoing issue. I bet they’re hoping everyone forgot about it by now. There must be a reason such things tend to move at a glacial pace.
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[screams in German]
Germany hates file-sharing, like a lot. There’s a whole firm dedicated for it and it’s apparently a common issue. Thankfully, there are lawyers dedicated in challenging this because why not?

Currently, EU member states have 3 months left to implemen the EU Copyright Directive and many members are taking different approaches in how they intend to do so.
COMMUNA will be holding a Salon on the 17th of March on Germany’s proposal:
The Salon will be open for everyone and will be held on ZOOM, you can register here if interested:
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I don’t know, I find this a double edged sword, on one hand it could prevent abuse, but, it would further the problem and the abuse would continue if overseas.
Though what really concerns me is will the rest of the world decide to do the verified id thing and ban vpn too???
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@Background Pony #1086
To add to that, i do feel the creator of petition probably is aware she’s destroying anonymity, but if she didn’t create the petition, more attacks on her son. To be fair, there are parents who actually can parent better, but pretty much want anonymity gone.
And i feel that if she finds out it only effects Britain, she’ll probably ask the parliament to consider banning vpns and such, and tell the rest of the world to consider having a law like that.
Lastly, i feel she’s aware it could also cause problems for abuse victims and such, she’ll probably make a law to exclude them from being stripped of anonymity.
Exaggerating, but who knows?

Just a reminder on the TERREG:
The vote will be sometime from April 26th to the 29th.
Contact your MEP’s to make the right choice.
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