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Climate change is real.
I have a really strict diet, exercise regime and meditation habit. Some of my meditation is lucid dreaming, where I trip absolute balls, more powerful than any psychedelic I have taken. Oh I no longer do drugs really, just occassional beer; the diet, exercise, and meditation is to find my center without drugs.

I don't smoke, the avatar is just a trope of a bad guy waiting in the shadows with a ciggerrette, it's a parody of family guy.

Finding work has been challenging, So i clean several hours a day in between looking. When I make food, the kitchen is spotless when I'm done, and the food is well presented. Because when I sit down and have a beer, I want everything to be perfect.

EDIT: I realize I often say my diet is for my heart health, but that's just as true. I stopped a lot of drugs for my heart, and my diet came in at the same time to deal with both the heart health, and my mood.
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