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I’m doing that right now. How bad are your procrastination habits? Any tricks to un-procrastinating yourself?

Depends on WHY you’re procrastinating, really. I would even go so far as to say you should ask yourself if what you’re doing technically fits the definition of procrastination; the first step to solving a problem is to identify the problem, after all. If it’s a matter of overcoming lethargy, maybe consume something that’ll jumpstart your system and do a few warm-ups; if it’s a matter of focus, you might divide your workload into pieces and try to eliminate distractions; if it’s a matter of stress or intimidation, maybe you should find some support or even assistance. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to ask yourself why whatever it is you’re procrastinating on is important and just make sure you’ve got your priorities straight; after all, you shouldn’t really let anything get in the way of what’s really important. Oh, and if it’s actually a non-issue, then it wouldn’t be so much procrastination as misplaced pressure.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Finally a Red Mage
I’m absolutly terrible when it comes to this. For example I was thinking of starting a blog since March, I’ve done very little towards that.
Even worse, I bought a new bed 3 years ago and I still haven’t set it up.

iknowrite? It’s certainly easier to overcome procrastination if you actually have a clear idea of what you’re doing. Pretty much the story of my life has been:
  1. Inspiration  
  2. ???????  
  3. Profit!
    …take a wild guess which step I procrastinated on…
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It’s more that, by procrastinating to the maximum, I maximize the chances of having the task I have to do canceled by exteriors factors or become useless to do because it’s too late.
Of course I don’t do this on important matter even if I tend to procrastinate them a little too when I have plenty of time left.
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