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My cousin (the last of my bloodline) just said: *we will always stick together. In the heart and in the haircut.*

Here is my answer:

Our grandmother would be proud of us. Not because we are what others would like us to be. But because we are the proud heirs of a proud bloodline who love and honor their family. That's all anyone can ask of us in these times. We were raised as brothers and are brothers in spirit. We love each other and are strong men (strong males for those who are otherwise somehow uncomfortable). You can still win a war with the two of us. (laughs) And we dance and drink our demons under the table anytime. Pride in our hearts. Proud of our blood. And also of all those who are close to us. Relatives, friends, and those we call family. There is no shame in failing and falling down. It's only a disgrace not to get back up. As our grandmother taught us.
I stand by my family, my heritage and the friendships I have made here. So: Sear, Mellow, Myoozik, Beth and also our Badheart. This is for you guys. I love and honor you guys. That's all I have to say. ;-D

And of course I would love to make friends with Leo, Dex and Mikey. I see you guys and am at least grateful that you exist. If you want to talk like, you know where I hang out. Otherwise, I hope we at least see each other as befriended. ^^

Love, honor and friendship in this thread here. Thank you for allowing me to be here. I am not and never was easy. But I am grateful to have a forum here where I can express my thoughts. For that alone it was worth to me to stay alive. And that's just for the great people that are here. Thanks for everything guys. Thank you. Danke.
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