[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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Glad I am asexual, but my…. bored of lockdowns…. guess more games and anime and masturbation to cure depression.

I gave up on relationships a while ago, accepting the fact that I will never find anyone. I do not need false hope that I could achieve what cannot be done. I probably shouldn’t have shipped myself with mlp characters that don’t even exist. Self-shipping just made me even more depressed and made me feel more insane than I actually was (I strongly suggest you don’t try this). There is no hope for me, and I expect things to get much worse. I gave up on everything. It’s sad that I’m still alive. The world probably would have been better off if I never existed to begin with (I know Derpibooru would have, but not by much).
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Ability to cut the instinctive desires (or realizing the dark hidden truth behind those desires) and replace it with something more productive and more important for all long term life outcome.
Sex breed people, and then again becomes burden, and breeds more undesirable desires, and a huge gamble of life (many kids betrayed their parents, trust me, very few are grateful of their parents), to me, why the hell the fuck should I bother when there are plenty of many other things in life to explore, also I am an introvert, I don’t like making too many friends, as it means being attached to more desires. I am an autist and asexual, autist not by choice, obviously, but asexual by choice, I find sex disgusting as well, although I can look at them, but I rather my genes be extinct.
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@Background Pony #7ACE  
It sounds like we’re alike in some ways. I doubt I have any friends at all in the next few years. Them bringing up pussy and gfs all the time pisses me off more and more as time goes on. I’m becoming convinced they aren’t my friends and just want to fuck with me. I increasingly can’t relate to their fucking normal person lifestyle. One of these days I’m just going to change my number, move and not say anything. I don’t find sex disgusting but I have no desire to become attached to another person.
Background Pony #7ACE
You probably need to stay away from Facebook if you are currently using it, it incites envy all the time.
But anyway, glad you can cut the desire of attaching to other people.  
You know, “normal person lifestyle” isn’t all good as I said, it creates lots of toxic desires bound to bite you at the back in the end, full of nasty illusions of happiness created by society but nature.
Background Pony #7ACE
Well, at least you already had low risk of being toxic-ized by Facebook’s envy power.
But to say the truth, even people here can distrust each other, and add to the fact that most never meet face-to-face, including this conversation, the best social circle are not the internet community, but if not family, then it is co-workers or employers, but still depends on the qualities of all (family included).
As an introvert who want to minimize chat with people as possible, I feel less burdened to socialize and easier to advance my life progressively.
Background Pony #7ACE
Yeah, pretty much why attaching to someone is a huge gamble, you either gain a lot of pleasure, or pain, and I choose to minimize such risk of pain.
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