[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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*breath in* BOI
@Cirrus Light  
I thought that science’s greatest strength was the further accumulation of knowledge?
The fact that you couldn’t tell that the video was improv comedy is telling that you need to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture of things, tbqh
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Sciencepone of Science!
Philosophy accumulated “knowledge” in the time of the Greeks, but because of the lack of empiricism, it wasn’t necessarily on the right track.
The fact that that could pass for an actual evangilist tells you how some people are. I’m from Alabama. I’ve seen stuff…

I don’t know if anybody out here cares, but I could really use some help and advice. It’s really tough dealing with this alone.

@Cirrus Light  
I need to get my shit together, take control. Keeping this to myself all the time isn’t healthy for me, I’m getting very sick. My life is off track. I have a house and food to support me, but I’ve lost any passion I used to have. I’m just not happy, I can’t motivate myself beyond finishing work that I have to do.
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@The Last Reviewer  
-I’m a virgin.  
-I have high-functioning autism.  
-I’m fat.  
-I’m ugly.  
-I collect things no one cares about.  
-I can’t draw.  
-I can’t write.  
-I don’t know how to drive.  
-I freak out when a stranger gets too close to me.
Background Pony #E462
-This isn’t a necessarily bad thing.  
-So do I, and so do many people on this site.  
-Most people in a first world country are.  
-Everyone thinks that about themselves.  
-That isn’t bad, everyone should have a hobby.  
-Join the club.  
-You can write well enough to be understood, which is better than most online honestly.  
-Not a huge problem.  
-Many people do that.
Heck I am literally all those things you listed and have no friends at all, so you’re at least better off than me!
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