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[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)


Come Back Kimiko Glenn
I was being rhetorical.
I haven’t made any artistic posts yet - neither here or any other platform.
I said it would most likely happen if I did.
Why “would” you listen, you mean, in case you were asking: Critics and people online in general don’t take it kindly if you don’t take their critical feedback. Which is certainly not helped by how creators don’t take any form of critical analysis nowadays.
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Mom reassured me by saying that there are the kind with incredibly poor diets because of the people taking care of them, that they just buy them McDonald’s and let them stay in the basement with their video games without helping them exercise, while it takes me a few miles to get to that restaurant and back (I don’t drive), and I’ve been walking for so long that I hardly feel out of breath these days.

I’m just waiting for the end to come. Nothing else matters.
I can understand. I’ve got no more ambition, no more dreams. Each day blends into the next (often don’t know what day it is. Like living life in auto-pilot…
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I know it’s self-centered to say it, but I wish my problems were more serious, because that way I feel like people wouldn’t think my problems are less than theirs.
I’m not saying it’s a competition, but sometimes it’s hard when they compare their sad life to my insignificant feeling.
Or at least that’s how they let me see it.
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Even if I make it in this world I’m going to be alone for my entire life
I’ll never have what it takes to make someone happy
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Every time I try, I fail
I feel like I should give up once and for all instead of continuing to lie
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