[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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true, but doesn't bother me all that much.
i know im going nowhere.

this guy never wants help. and continues to bitch and moan about everything.
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To waste even a single thought on Lightning Bolt is like being thirsty in the desert. I personally have no relationship whatsoever with her and, to be honest, I am not interested in her at all. Personally, I couldn't care less about her. And if she wasn't a moderator, she'd probably be a complete stranger to me anyway. I feel a certain pity for her because of some of her posts, but that was it. Of course I respect her opinion and her status as moderator. But apart from that I have no ambitions to ever get in contact with her, unless this is her wish. With all due respect, but contact with her is like trying to defuse a bomb. It can backfire real quick. To this statement I stand on this site after 3 years now. ;-)


Sear thought I was his bitch

Well, I'd like you to explain that to me. I understand that you're a rough and tough guy, but you practically threw Sear into depression. That was an extreme dick move on your part. I'd really like an explanation for this. Unless you want to mess with me, your German buddy, too. In my opinion, you're holding a pretty big grudge against everybody and everything right now. And I'd like to understand why.


There's too many things I never got to ask him.

In all your pain I read that your family is an essential part of your grief. I don't mean to be the smartass, but you really seem to need someone's help right now.
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